From 17th to 19th May 2018, BIDV Training School coordinating with Market & Operational Risk Management Department and Leoron Professional Development Institute organised the advanced training course “Operational risk management under Basel II”. This course attracted interest from various departments including Market & Operational risk management, Accounting, Finance, Financial Institutions, Treasury, Large Corporate Banking, SME Corporate Banking, Retail Banking Department, Trade Operation Center, Transaction center, Card Center, Ha Thanh Branch and BIDV Securities Company.


The three training days witnessed active participation of the majority of the attendances. Although the classes always finished later than expected, the training schedules were very tight due to large amount of training contents; the participants were always ready to learn, stayed curious, active involved in discussion and team work activities. The course trainer-Mr. Philip left great impression through his extensive expertise, knowledge and experience in the field. Beyond that, his dedication, enthusiasm and passion play a vital role in making this course enjoyable and extra meaningful.

In addition to the consistent support from Leoron- the provider of course trainer, BIDV Training School also received great assistance and close coordination from Market & Operational Risk Management department , especially during the process of building the training content and selection of trainer.

Overall, the course are rated very good by the attendances. Hopefully, the knowledge and experience learned from this course will be practically applied in the daily work of the delegates and partly contribute to the successful implementation of Basel II in BIDV.

Department of Consultancy and International Cooperation