Flower - nature in art

Flower- nature in art

Hanoi in Vietnam becomes more colorful, dreamy and romantic thanks to the combination of the red color of phoenix flower, the pink color of lotus flower, and violet color of Lagerstroemia flower.

All of a sudden, a purple lagerstroemia bud blooms in a corner of the street as a signal of the coming summer. For a long time, streets with lines of purple lagerstroemia trees have become popular with Hanoians. Those purple flowers are truly, what dreams are made of and simply enchanting, (1) evoke the fond remembrance of old time.

When summer spreads its wings in Hanoi, it’s to see Vietnamese symbol – Lotus flowers. For Vietnamese, this kind of flower has long been become the symbol of culture, spirit and elegant personality of Vietnamese. Its beauty lies in its (2) purity, because this magnificent flower emerges from the dirty and muddy bottom of a pond, yet still remains untouched and (3) unstained by its soiled surroundings. Therefore, this flower also symbolizes power, pride and confidence.

Summer is also the time when the city streets are (4) adorned with the red blooms of the Phoenix flowers. This flower is considered as student’s flower since its blooming time is in Vietnamese school’s farewells so that it can recall all the best memories of student’s life. The phoenix flower is the symbol of youth, friendship and (5) bonding.

Flowers are not just flowers, they are also works of art. Each flower brings its own meaning to life. On the 5th anniversary of BIDV Training School, those summer flowers brings the sense of pride and bonding surrounding the School, recalling all the great memories and achievements since its establishment.

(1)     evoke (v): Bring or recall (a feeling, memory, or image) to the conscious mind

(2)     purity (n): Freedom from adulteration or contamination

(3)     unstained (adj): not spotted, without moral blemish

(4)     adorn (v): Make more beautiful or attractive.

(5)     Bonding (adj); Establish a relationship or link with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.


Summarized and edited by the Department of Consultancy and International Cooperation.